Students! Interfaith and Interspiritual Circle, 2/17

Written by Kristina Alvarado
January 22, 2015

A variety of student clubs offer an opportunity for graduate students within Seattle University to connect outside of the classroom. One in particular, the Interfaith and Interspiritual Circle, is hosted by students from our very own School of Theology and Ministry and many members of the group are also students of our school?s programs. In February, the Interfaith and Interspiritual Circle will host a panel discussion entitled "Women's Way of Knowing."

Women's Way of Knowing Panel
Tuesday, February 17 | 12:00pm-1:20pm
Hunthausen 100

Transformational Leadership student Mary Mitchell describes the panel below:
Women?s Ways of Knowing is a term coined in a seminal 1986 text by Belenky, Clinchy, Goldberger and Tarule, which brought to popular attention the ways in which women view themselves and their relationship to knowledge in Western culture. ?It is not a stretch to extend the question of relationship with knowledge to relationship with the Numinous Presence, however we may define that. ?

When we speak of inner knowing, is this a description of approaching the Divine? ? How is this connected to deep listening?  Do different faiths create different contexts in which women experience listening and knowing? Do women have particular qualities of knowing that are universal? ?Does this include those who identify as female but are not cisgendered?

These are some of the fascinating questions that will be discussed during the lunchtime panel sponsored by the Interfaith and Interspiritual Circle. The event will feature presentations by female panel members from a variety of spiritual and faith traditions and will include time for question and answer. The Circle anticipates that panelists and participants alike will bring interesting points of view to this question. Panel members include:


  • Guo Cheen | The Compassion Network and Buddhist Center, Seattle WA
  • Oraib Khalifeh | Muslim Association of Puget Sound
  • Erica Martin, Ph.D | Professor of Hebrew Scriptures, Seattle University
  • Kristina Turner | Women's Wholeness Coach, Vashon WA


The panel will be moderated by Rev. Karen Lindquist of the Interfaith Community Sanctuary in Seattle. All are welcome to join this dynamic discussion. For more information about the Interfaith and Interspiritual Circle, click here.