Students: Interactive Writing Workshop, 11/6

Written by Hannah Crivello
October 21, 2014

You are invited to a Writing Workshop specifically designed for our School of Theology & Ministry student community taught by Larry, Nichols, Director of the Writing Center.

November 6th 1:30-3:00pm
Hunthausen 110

Many people, and especially returning students, think of writing as a harsh critic who nags them about their inability to write well or as a reluctant servant who only begrudgingly helps them get their words out. This interactive workshop will offer perspectives and strategies to help students more often regard writing as a wise and helpful ally. To do so, we will draw from current School of Theology & Ministry assignments to consider:?

  • A robust personal writing practice eases the creation of academic writing;
  • A conscious writing process produces effective academic writing;
  • Considering purpose, audience, and genre demystifies even the most challenging prompt;
  • Practicing several revision strategies generates clear, concise, and powerful writing, and
  • Engaging and informative readers of early drafts inspire better finished writing.

In his twenty-third (and last) year as Director of the Writing Center at Seattle University, Larry Nichols has taught writing at colleges and universities for over forty years. Having worked with undergraduate and graduate students across a wide range of disciplines, abilities, and levels of motivation, he is most passionate helping individuals use writing to engage deep learning and express their best insights.

More information about Larry?s background and teaching is available on the Seattle University Writing Center website?or on his consulting practice website. ?

Please RSVP or 206.296.5330.