Students: Canon Law and Pastoral Practice, 4/28

April 21, 2016

Fr. Tony Bawyn, the canon lawyer for the Archdiocese of Seattle and Priest Minister as St. Anne Parish, will address these issues:

  • How do you minister with respect for church teachings and laws and still find practical solutions to pastoral problems?  
  • For instance, Pope Francis recently made changes to the church laws for dealing with marriage cases. What are the implications for pastoral ministers?
  • In a related issue, do those pastoral ministers have standing or rights in their practice or do they serve entirely at the discretion of local pastors?
  • The presentation will explore how canon law and pastoral practice are designed to work together in service of the People of God.

At issue is finding a path for ministry between two extremes. One side is convinced that church law is the problem and pastoral solutions demand creative thinking beyond the rules. The other side is convinced that the only valid pastoral solutions are those already named or allowed by the law. The presentation will point up shortcomings in either position and argue for a working relationship between canon law and pastoral practice.

Thursday, April 28  |  7 pm (appetizers at 6:30 pm)
Stuart T. Rolfe Community Room  |  Admissions and Alumni Building
Please RSVP to Spencer Byl: