Student Awards at the 10th Annual Dean’s Dinner

Student Awards at the 10th Annual Dean's Dinner
April 30, 2018

The Dr. Leo Stanford Award, the Dr. Loretta Jancoski Leadership Award, and the Reverend Dr. Clinton McNair Award are given to graduating students who go beyond the programs' high norms of community service and academic excellence. Congratulations to this year's recipients, (from L to R) Annika Mertz (Master of Arts in Transforming Leadership),​ Teddi Callahan (Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies),​ Marci Scott-Weis (Master of Divinity), ​and Nils Ringo (Master of Arts in Couples and Family Therapy). The awardees are determined by faculty vote. They were awarded on April 26th at the 10th Annual Dean's Dinner.

Marci Scott-Weiss, graduating MDiv student and Teddi Callahan graduating MAPS students received the Leo Stanford Award. This award honors the memory of Dr. Leo Stanford, founding director of the Institute of Theological Studies. Dr. Stanford pioneered a vision for lay ministry within the church that became a model for other lay ministry programs in the United States.  In this model students learn to integrate academic theology, pastoral skill training and spiritual formation leading toward personal and global transformation.

Marci Scott-Weiss (MDiv):  Marci has excelled in integrating theology, spirituality and leadership into her work as a CEO of a medical non-profit.  She has wholeheartedly entered into the STM MDiv process and has demonstrated public leadership especially as Medicare and Medicaid was being challenged in the state of Alaska. She is someone who ministers with compassion and courage and exemplifies all the characteristics described in the Stanford award.

Teddi Callahan (MAPS): Teddi has been a constant presence and has served the St. James parish community as the ministry staff person for the feeding kitchen. She is currently interning with Catholic Community Services and specifically, with the Patty Repikoff and the Dialogue for Justice Initiative.

Annika Mertz, graduating MATL student, received the Dr. Loretta Jancoski Leadership Award.  This award recognizes the ground-breaking leadership of the first dean of the School of Theology and Ministry, Dr. Loretta Jancoski.  Under her visionary direction, she guided the establishment of an innovative theological venture in the Pacific Northwest.

Annika Mertz (MATL) has been the Director and Tech prep at Seattle Central Community College.  She has lead classes and experiences, like retreats, for the diverse student body. She links leadership with healing and has grown in her transformational leadership style through the program.

Receiving the Reverend Dr. Clinton McNair Award was Nils Ringo, graduated MACFT student.  The award honors Dr. Clinton McNair, founding director of the School f Theology and Ministry’s Pastoral Counseling program.  Dr. McNair pioneered a vision to bring healing, hope and wholeness to individuals, families, and underserved communities by training therapists who competently, effectively, and ethically infuse spirituality into their clinical services.

Nils Ringo (MACFT) has the qualities of an exemplary student. He is detail-oriented, knowledgeable about the profession, and has a vision for collaborative change and transformation.  He sees the bigger picture and works to embody the spirit of couples and family therapy. Nils demonstrates a strong commitment to social justice. He works to examine his own power and privilege and often brings social location into clinical discussions. He has organized community events and workshops in the greater Puget Sound area.