School of Theology and Ministry's Homelessness Work in the News

June 30, 2016

Through the Faith & Family Homelessness Project (and soon through the Center for Religious Wisdom and World Affairs), Seattle University's School of Theology and Ministry provides high-quality leadership and support to local faith communities as they work in partnership to end cycles of homelessness, poverty, and human suffering. The Faith & Family Homelessness Project has specifically worked to provide research and successful models of faith community engagement on the issue of homelessness. The program envisions a world where the cycle of family homelessness is broken through the creation of new relationships, platforms and models for successful faith-based advocacy and partnership. Program Manager Lisa Gustaveson collaborates regularly with the Seattle community to re-envision their approach to alleviating homelessness. Read below about a recent project she contributed to—a new app called WeCount that allows members to make anonymous requests for needed items and others to make direct donations to meet those needs. 

"Gustaveson, who provided feedback on the project as it was developed over the past year, said one feature she particularly likes about WeCount is the fact that when people sign up on the site, they’re joining a community — not specifically enrolling as a giver or a receiver."

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 Learn more about the Faith & Family Homelessness Project here. Don't forget to check out the project's blog here and Facebook page here!

Check back for updates as the work of the Faith & Family Homelessness Project will soon find a new home in the school’s Center for Religious Wisdom and World Affairs!