Save the Date: Week of Prayer 2014

Written by Hannah Crivello
December 10, 2013

This week is a significant ecumenical event with over 100 years of history. Since 1908, the eight days between January 18-25 have been set aside for Christians to remember who they are ? a unified group with the same foundation in Jesus Christ. Christians from around the world join together in the same prayers prepared by a group from around the world, that the World Council of Churches and the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity appoints.

The Week of Prayer is especially important at Seattle University's School of Theology and Ministry, for it helps focus our understanding of the distinctive pattern of ecumenical faith formation this school offers.? For centuries, Christians have spent an inordinate amount of time articulating what distinguishes one group of Christians from the others. ?This one week of the year, at least, we ask all to dig deeply down into what we have in common and how we stand in unity with those of us who experience injustice and discrimination often unseen or unfelt in our particular ecclesial communities.? The call to pray together rings loud and clear during this Week, as our unity is most truly expressed when we are actively, physically in one another?s presence while we pray in common.

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