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Seattle University’s School of Theology and Ministry is conducting a research study to identify the scope of student debt issues and economic challenges facing current seminary students, alumni, church staff, and pastors who have worked in ministry for 1-5, 6-10, 11-5, and 16-20 years. This research study is a part of the school’s larger Economics & Pastoral Leadership Project. Read more, here.

We need your help!

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The first phase of research is that of online surveys. Survey findings will provide a better understanding of how economic challenges impact students and leaders, and how they have dealt with those challenges. Data collected will help researchers begin to understand the problems’ scope, and will ultimately be used for the development of solutions both reactively and proactively to prevent seminary student debt. Researchers will address all nationwide data gathered to date from other member schools within the Association of Theological Schools. That aggregate data will provide context for the school-specific survey data--specific to students, alumni and leaders connected to Seattle University’s School of Theology and Ministry. Survey participants will benefit from resources developed out of the Project, including financial literacy and management courses. 

Your participation is important. Your unique experiences can help the project team better understand the issue in order to effectively address it.  Participation is strictly confidential, with additional security procedures in place to ensure your data’s protection online. All participants that complete the survey by November 15, 2014, will be eligible to enter a drawing for an iPad.
The online survey will not take long. Average survey completion time is 15 minutes depending on the length of responses and internet connection speed.  You have the option to save your responses in the middle of the survey, and return within a seven-day period.

Your answers will remain confidential. Your privacy is protected under federal law.  Though answers and information may be used for statistical purposes, your name will never be used in any public dissemination of the data (publications, presentations, data sets, etc.). Confidentiality procedure has been reviewed and approved by the Seattle University Institutional Review Board. All answers to the survey are secure online and all collected data are password protected.  Access to the collected data is limited to research project staff.

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You can help make the study a success by encouraging students and alumni within Seattle University’s School of Theology and Ministry as well as working pastors and denominational leadership staff to participate in the project’s online survey. 

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To participate in the survey or to ask questions about the research study, please contact Thanh-Thuong ChuChe at 206-296-5330 or