Project Update: Economics & Pastoral Leadership

Written by Kristina Alvarado
April 27, 2015

Thanks to all of the students that participated this past month in the school?s Economics & Pastoral Leadership Project special dinner and conversation, The Elephant in the Room: Student Debt, Financial Literacy and Stewardship, with Dean Markuly. ?It was truly a rich conversation around this important issue that touches all of us, our families and our work.

Dean Markuly with ?13 alumna and the project?s Program Manager, Thanh-Thuong ChuChe, opened the conversation by sharing personal narratives about their experiences with educational debt. They both reflected the value of their investments in higher education and seminary in light of the needs of today?s world. Thanh-Thuong talked about the implications of student debt for borrowers and their households. ?Student participants had the opportunity to reflect and share at their table about three questions: 1) Why is it so hard for us to talk about money and debt? 2) What is it about our family or origins, religious formation, and church and non-profit culture that affect our ability to open up the conversation? 3) What has been some helpful ways for you to discuss money and financing with your partners/families? ?Jessica Wright, current Transformational Leadership student and the projects? Graduate Assistant, presented a summary on educational debt for the various types of student loans available and demonstrated some of the tools available on free online guide to taking charge of your finances. Dean Markuly then shared how the school is continually working to focus on practical theology, preparing students to be skilled and successful leaders in every way?including in their personal and professional economic literacy and management. Dean Markuly encouraged students to think beyond their degree program and coursework and to utilize Seattle University?s Career Services resources as they prepare for professional ministry and work. ?

The school?s Economics & Pastoral Leadership Project will continue to provide students with as many resources as possible to assist in financial planning and decision making. Please check out the website, where you can find articles, videos, financial calculators, and budgeting tools relevant to your financial situation as a student and beyond. The resource page below shows some of the subjects you can find on CashCourse, but be sure to check it out for yourself!

For more information on Seattle University?s Career Services, visit

Learn more about the school?s Economics & Pastoral Leadership Project, here.