Professional Development Opportunity: Liturgies of Resistance Course

March 8, 2017

Course: Liturgies of Resistance

Dates: May 30 – June 2, 2017
Cost: $631
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Credits: 3 Continuing Education Credits

About the course:

Liturgies of Resistance explores the classic Christian ordo and the ways it has been used historically as a moment of resistance against socio-political oppression and domination. Students will participate in facilitated dialogue to prompt resistance thinking and develop their competencies as practitioners of the sacred by examining contextual liturgies and various practices in response to major social moments. Ecumenical in scope, this course focuses on ways in which global communities have responded to injustice through Eucharist, Baptism, music, and preaching. Special attention will be given to historic narratives that link liturgy with public theology as resistance to injustice. Course content introduces participants. This is a professional development course for continuing education only. Not for graduate credits.

About the faculty:

Bishop Edward Donalson III is Director of Worship and Liturgy, and a professional development faculty at Seattle University School of Theology and Ministry. As an author, entrepreneur, thought coach, and multi-media personality, he has a heart for diversity and an ability to navigate across socioeconomic, educational, and ethnic spheres. Traveling nationally as a guest lecturer, workshop clinician, and preacher since 1996, he has a record of accomplishment in ministry excellence with integrity. With a Bachelor of Theology, a Master of Arts in Global Leadership, and a Doctorate of Divinity, Bishop Donalson is presently working on a Doctorate of Ministry at Seattle University.

Bishop Donalson has authored seven books. He currently serves as Senior Pastor of Kingdom Family Worship Center International and spiritual covering for Koah International Kingdom Network. He is President and Founder of Logos Life Network and Leadership Institute, Co-founder of Koah International Enterprise, Founder and Host of The Gathering, Founder of Marketplace Institute of Empowerment, and Bishop of Operations for the P.U.R.E. Ministries International Fellowship Churches.

Questions about the course content: 

Bishop Edward Donalson, III