Partner Event: Standing Together Interfaith Dialogue Event, 4/4

April 4, 2016

School partner, The Church Council of Greater Seattle, is hosting a wonderful “Standing Together” interfaith study and dialogue series. Participants are able to cultivate understanding, respect, and cooperative social action while learning from other faith traditions. Check out this upcoming event in the series, hosted at Seattle University.

The upcoming session on April 4 explores the theme of BALANCE. The last 2,500 years have produced few lasting examples of individuals or governments that have heeded Aristotle’s advice about the need for moderation in all things. Today is no exception. Balance is needed in the pursuit of ideals, virtues and all that is perceived as good. For example, mercy tempers justice, as knowledge or wisdom can guide the expression of courage in honorable ways. .

Ideals & Virtues: Too Much of a Good Thing?
Monday, April 4  |  7 – 9 pm
6:30 pm Check-in & Refreshments
Seattle University  |  Casey Commons

This session of Standing Together is the third in a five-session series at various Westside locations. For related readings, information about future sessions, and a parallel program on the Eastside on Sundays (3-5pm), visit:


Sponsored by Muslim Association of Puget Sound (MAPS) and The Church Council of Greater Seattle.

Endorsed by Temple De Hirsch Sinai, Pacifica Institute, Seattle Univ. School of Theology & Ministry, Bear Creek Methodist, Congregation Kol Ami, Kadima Reconstructionist Jewish Community, Congregation Kol HaNeshamah, Faith Action Network (FAN), Living Interfaith Church, and Call of Compassion NW