The Parliament of the World’s Religions global interfaith movement comes to Toronto in 2018

May 16, 2017

The Parliament of the World’s Religions is the world’s largest, and most inclusive gathering of the global interfaith movement. Its mission is to cultivate harmony among the world's religious and spiritual communities and foster their engagement with the world and its guiding institutions in order to achieve a just, peaceful and sustainable world.

Last month, the Board of Trustees announced that Toronto, Ontario will be the host city of the 7th Parliament of the World’s Religions, to be convened in November 2018. The Parliament projects more than 10,000 people will participate in the 2018 event, which will last for seven days and comprise more than 500 programs, workshops, and dialogues, alongside music, dance, art and photography exhibitions, and related events presented by the world’s religious communities and cultural institutions.

Dr. Michael Reid Trice Assistant Dean of Ecumenical and Interreligious Dialogue and Assistant Professor of Theological Ethics and Constructive Theology at the School of Theology and Ministry, serves as the Secretary of The Parliament of the World’s Religions. Trice explains,

“The board’s focus is to convene influencers from within the religious and philosophical practitioners around the world. In this Pacific Northwest region, we have numerous groups who follow the work of the Parliament. I encourage all of these friends to attend, as well as to plan on delivering a workshop at the event itself. The Pacific Northwest is rich with religious and cultural wisdom, and we should do all we can to encourage those in the region to share that wisdom with others. November, 2018 will be a very inspiring time for this continent, and indeed for the world.”

“The School of Theology and Ministry is desirous of making a contribution to the global interfaith movement and has shown its desire and commitment with new initiatives including the Center for Religious Wisdom & World Affairs, which explores the ways in which religious wisdom and the resources of faith communities can contribute to the analysis, diagnosis and community responses needed to address pressing social problems.  In addition, many faculty members at the School of Theology and Ministry are connected to religions and movements that foster the school’s graduate education along with religious and spiritual formation.”

Dr. Trice strives to cultivate awareness within these communities to enact significant change in the world. “We live in a time of serious challenge – from environmental to human displacement – and most of these challenges are interrelated. So, the work of the Parliament is set on a particular trajectory of global need in the coming years” says Trice.

For more information on the Parliament of the World’s Religions contact Dr. Trice at, or watch the video below about the event.

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