October Edition: Faculty, Staff, Student & Alumni Updates

Written by Hannah Crivello
October 31, 2014


Dean Mark S. Markuly, PhD
At the end of June, Dean Markuly participated in the 2014 National Symposium of Catholic Hispanic Ministry, along with the school's Dr. Leticia Guardiola-S?enz and 80 leaders in Los Angeles. The Symposium's goal was to strategize, reflect and collectively brainstorm on the next five years of Hispanic Ministry nationally within the Catholic church, resulting in the publication of a bilingual, practical resources volume to be published January 2015.

From June 25-28th, the school's Economics & Pastoral Leadership Project program manager, Thuong ChuChe, joined Dean Markuly at the Anglican Church in North America's special assembly just outside Pittsburgh, PA on the topic of Compassionate Courage with Anglican leaders present from all around the nation. ?

The Dean then participated in the Association of Theological Schools' Biennial Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA also in June. Participants explored alternative educational models and practices, graduate professional education, and new perspectives on organizational management. ?

On Friday, October 3rd, Dean Markuly presented two sessions at the "Teacher's Excellence Day" sponsored by the Archdiocese of Seattle and in partnership with the Washington State Holocaust Education Resource Center. Participants engaging topics of social justice and equity, and explored ways to implement critical themes within the classroom. ?
This past Wednesday, October 29th (as we shared in the e-newsletter before), Dean Markuly joined the school's very own Rabbi Anson Laytner, Seattle University professor Daniel Peterson and school partner Rabbi Daniel Weiner on a panel following the film viewing "The Jewish Cardinal," sponsored by the Seattle Jewish Film Festival.

On the evening of Thursday, October 16th, the Dean gave a special talk as a part of St. Cecilia Parish's series on the topic of "Pope Francis' message on poverty, prayer, compassion and personal story."

On Tuesday, December 9th, Dean Markuly will be participating in the Seattle location of the active Temple De Hirsch Sinai group that gathers in two locations three times a month for continuing education on topics of justice, common good and peace. They meet under the overarching topic of "Endless Opportunities." Upon the Temple De Hirsch Sinai's request, Dean Markuly will be speaking on "How Three Popes Changed the Catholic Church to Embrace the Jewish Tradition and Other Religions Rather Than Condemn Them." The talk will explore the intellectual, emotional and spiritual transformations that led three men to open their arms and the doors of the Catholic tradition to the religions of the world.

Early January, the Dean was asked to return to Methow Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship as a guest speaker. The community has asked the Dean to come several times in the last few years to host conversations on a variety of topics. This upcoming session will be on the topic of "a new tradition of spirituality in worldwide Catholicism" in light of the life and work of Pope Francis and others in recent years.

Dr. Faustino (Tito) Cruz
This week, faculty member and newly appointed Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Dr. Cruz, presented at the International Leadership Association (ILA) conference in San Diego on the topic of "Worldview and Contemporary Leadership Challenges," sharing about "Reframing Ethical Leadership in a 'Spiritual and Not Religious' World." Dr. Cruz recently published a special work, "Firipinjin Ijuuroudousha to Beikoku ni okeru Jinshin Torihiki" (Filipino Labor Migration and Human Trafficking in the United States), which was translated to Japanese by Professor Takefumi Terada, Sophia University, Tokyo. The work was published in the Migrants Network journal, No. 171, released in July 2014.

Recently, Dr. Cruz's chapter entitled "Touch it! Touch it! Reframing Teaching and Learning through James Turrell?s Acton" was included in the October 2014 issue of Teaching Theology and Religion, Vol. 17, No. 4.--published by Wiley/Blackwell and the Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion. Dr. Cruz was invited to contribute ten entries to the five-volume Encyclopedia of Christianity in the United States, which will be published by Rowman and Littlefied in 2016.

As reported in a special e-newsletter article this month, Dr. Cruz has been elected to serve as one of the commissioners on the Commission on Accreditation of the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE), a US Department of Education recognized multicultural and multi-faith organization devoted to providing education and improving the quality of ministry and pastoral care offered by spiritual caregivers through the clinical educational methods. In June, he was also elected to the Committee on Race and Ethnicity in Theological Education (CORE), a standing committee of the Association of Theological Schools in the United States in Canada, one of the accrediting agencies that regulate the academic programs of Seattle University's School of Theology and Ministry.

Dr. Cruz is the only United States based scholar on the Executive Board of the International Academy of Practical Theology that will hold a conference in July 2015 on the theme, "Practicing Ubuntu: Practical Theological Perspectives on Injustice, Personhood and Human Dignity," which will be co-hosted by the University of Pretoria and the University of South Africa.

Dr. Erica Martin
On October 13th and 14th, Dr. Martin shared hosted special, interactive gatherings for the Jewish Festival of Sukkot. Seattle University undergraduates, graduate students, faculty and Jesuits attended and participated. (Photos right) Dr. Martin had a paper published in the September 2014 Bulletin for the Study of Religion entitled "Tips for Teaching: The Brain Game / Teaching Strategies for Teaching Introverted vs. Extroverted Students" (pp. 36-46). This past week, Dr. Martin shared about "Preaching against the Text" in the evening of Saturday, October 25th at Lamed Vav. She explored justice-oriented approaches to difficult and objectionable passages in scripture.

Dr. Michael Reid Trice
Dr. Trice will be speaking at the "First Call" theological event November 17th and 18th for Lutheran clergy and leaders in the region. His workshop will address the future of Christian identity in a pluralistic world amidst an increase in sectarian violence in the world. Dr. Trice is in the process of co-editing a book from the school's hosted international interreligious symposium this summer, cosponsored along with Lutheran World Federation. The book will be published in honor of the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation in 2017, and will be available to graduate schools of theology and ministry as well as for undergraduate religion and ministry programs. Dr. Trice is also currently working on an article on the Rabbinic Havruta methodology for interpreting sacred texts in interfaith interpretive communities.??

Dr. Christie Eppler
Dr. Eppler's co-authored paper was recently accepted for publication, entitled "Qualitative study on cis-male students' gender perspectives in the couple and family therapy classroom" in the Journal of Feminist Family Therapy. A related paper was presented at the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology (IACCP) in Paris this past July, entitled "Male-Students' Perspectives in Gender Course: A Qualitative Study."


Rev. Dr. Michael Kinnamon?
In September and early October, Dr. Kinnamon was the speaker at an annual interfaith event in St. Louis?sponsored by Aquinas Institute of Theology, Eden Theological Seminary, and the Jewish Community Relations Council?on "The Witness of Religion in an Age of Anxiety"; delivered the address at the annual city-wide interfaith breakfast in Eugene on the topic of "'I Wish We Did That': The Case for Holy Envy"; and was the lecturer at this year's Turner Lectures, sponsored by the Northwest Region of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). The Turner Lectures, which had a general title of "Thinking About the Future By Looking to the Past," dealt with the famous Barmen Declaration of 1934 and its implications for the present and future church. He would be happy to send electronic copies of any of these addresses upon request (email crivellh@seattleu.edu).

Dr. Kinnamon also led a workshop on "Difficult Conversations for Peace and Justice" at the Fall Conference of the Church Council of Greater Seattle; delivered a charge at the gala dinner of the Renton Ecumenical Association of Churches; spoke to students at the Disciples Seminary Foundation in Claremont; and took part in the annual meeting of the North American Academy of Ecumenists which dealt with the World Council of Churches' document, "The Church: Towards a Common Vision."

During the week of October 6th, Dr. Kinnamon also made a presentation by Skype to the dialogue committee between the United Church of Canada and the United Church of Christ. The committee's task is to propose what a full communion relationship between these North American churches might look like. They have been using Dr. Kinnamon's newest book, "Can a Renewal Movement Be Renewed?," as input for their discussions, and they invited him to offer additional recommendations for how they might proceed. Dr. Kinnamon shared with us that it is an honor and incredibly gratifying to see the book put to such use and to be involved in this important church unity effort.


Joanna Owen
Joanna is new to Seattle University's School of Theology and Ministry as Operations Coordinator. Joanna has lived in western Washington for most of her life, and spent the last few years in Bellingham, WA as she recently completed her Master of Fine Arts in English Studies. Throughout her program, she taught English composition at Western Washington University. Joanna shares that she loves working in academia, and after teaching, she wanted to work in the administrative side of things. She is excited to join the School of Theology and Ministry team at Seattle University, and get to know the faculty, staff, and students better!


Heather Thompson, Master of Divinity
Master of Divinity student, Heather Thompson, was among the featured artists at October 15th's event at music venue NEUMOS, promoted by RAW / Natural Born RAW Artists. This is her second time being featured by this global organization of independent artists operating in 60 cities worldwide. RAW Directors hand-pick and spotlight local artistic talent in film, fashion, music, visual art, hair & makeup artistry, and performance art. With artists from all genres in each showcase, RAW events come together to form an amazing one-night circus of creativity. These showcases occur once a month in each city location, and between 600-1000 attend.


Lorenzo Herman, MATL? |? MA in Transformational Leadership, Class of 2012
Lorenzo is currently enrolled in Clark Atlanta University's doctoral program in Humanities and Africana Women's Studies. He recently received an unexpected scholarship from the Department of Religion and Philosophy, awarding his work at the intersection of race, class, and gender in theological discourse. Lorenzo is researching the spiritual and religious transformations of enslaved black women in central Georgia in creative tension between West African religions and European Christianity.

Julie Johnson, MDiv
? |? Master of Divinity, Class of 2014?
As we announced last month, Julie was ordained by the Presbytery of Olympia as Co-Pastor of Lakewood Presbyterian Church. She sent us a lovely photo of the event, pictured here. Julie shared with us:

"I am thankful for the privilege of earning a Master of Divinity, and especially for earning it at the Seattle University School of Theology and Ministry.? As I begin my pastoral ministry, I am aware that my study at the school gifts me with theological understanding that is grounded in Scripture and emphasizes justice and compassionate leadership. At my ordination service one of the music leaders joked that I choose 'hippy, left-leaning music.' I grinned, because it's true!? I will confidently add my theological understanding to the theological diversity of the PC(USA).? I have the school to thank for focusing my ministerial understanding on love and community."

John Forman, MDiv? |? Master of Divinity, Class of 2014?
John was asked to serve as the minister of St. Elizabeth's Episcopal Parish in Burien, Washington this past month. Congratulations to John! The community is honored to have you there.

For the past 13 years, John has run a small consulting business, Integral Development Associates. His company works with organizations of all kinds, primarily in the areas of organization and leadership development. With Laurel A Ross, John released his first book, "Integral Leadership: The Next Half-Step," in May 2013 through SUNY Press. As a founding member of Wilber?s Integral Institute and Integral Spiritual Center, John has had the opportunity to meet and befriend a number of intellectual and spiritual heroes, many of whom provided guidance and insights for the book. He has presented papers at the New England Complex Systems Institute and the International Society of Systems Sciences. John has had a set of papers included in a collection presented by a colleague to the United Nations. John is also a regular contributor to "Nectar of NonDual Truth," an Adviatic-based magazine interested in universal teachings from multiple traditions. A student of Zen for many years, John has worked with Genpo Roshi, Diane Musho Hamilton, and his spiritual director, Vidyuddeva.
He is a Benedictine oblate at Mt. Angel Abbey in St. Benedict, Oregon. John has served on the board of advisors for St. Placid Priory, Transfiguration Monastery, and several other boards and organizational governing bodies. During his Master of Divinity program at the school, John completed a ten-month chaplaincy internship at Swedish-Edmonds, as part of being a postulant for Holy Orders (priesthood) in the Diocese of Olympia. John has been married to his wife Jennifer for 25 years. They are the parents of two daughters, Emily and Elizabeth.