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  • From the Dean: Welcome to 2012-2013!

    From the Dean: Welcome to 2012-2013 

    This year, we invite our faculty, staff, students, alumni, partners and friends to consider: What questions have I asked that have defined my story— even to the extent of shaping my decisions and the contributions I choose to make?

    Beginning with our first words as infants, questions of meaning pour from our mouths: Why?, What is this?, Why is this happening?, Who should I become, What should I do with my life?. These questions, and many more, set the foundations for the stories of our lives.  They shape the way we think, feel and interpret the world, give motivation to our action, and often determine the level of satisfaction we have with our life and work.  These deeply personal questions, and what we do with them, make all the difference in the way we ultimately choose to live our lives, the relationships we invest in, and the kinds of contributions we decide to make to the world.
    What questions are you asking? Seattle University School of Theology and Ministry is designed to create space for you to ask the unique questions that will help you define your story and your contributions to the world.   With an outstanding faculty, national and international resources, and connections with like-minded educators dedicated to building a more just and humane world, we address head-on the critical questions of this profoundly distinct time in the human story.
    Unprecedented changes are cascading across our individual stories, and the stories of every person and culture in the world.  We invite you to join us for some of our programming this year as we continue to ask, to explore, to listen, and to dream. Together let us clarify our distinctive contribution in making the world a better place. Thank you for your support and participation in this journey together.



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