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  • Faith & Values Blog Update

    Seattle University School of Theology and Ministry staff and graduate assistants manage a few blogs on behalf of the school and its programs. One blog is for the school's Worship & Liturgy gatherings and prayer cycles and another is "Faith & Values in the Public Square," which addresses relevant issues of today out of a faith-based response. 

     Here are a few updates from the blog management team, with some new post types upcoming.
    talk_bubbles.jpgFirst, a new weekly Wednesday Debate blog post entitled “<Insert catchy title here>”.  This post will feature Dr. Michael Trice, the school’s Assistant Dean of Ecumenical and Interreligious Dialogue and fellow debater, Rabbi Anson Laytner, Program Manager of the Interreligious Initiative here at the school.  The debates will center on current issues impacting the ‘public square’.  If you have a response to this topic please share at
    Second, a new weekly Friday blog post entitled, “The Public Square in Photos”.  The ‘public square’camera-icon.jpg is a very broad term, but this particular post will feature photos that represent the public square as we see it.  We will feature photos from the team here at the School of Theology and Ministry, and you fellow blog readers!
    If you would like to submit a photo, please email  Include your photo, your name, and a brief 1-2 sentence caption that explains why this photo represents the question-mark-sign.jpg‘public square’ to you!

     Have a great idea for a blog topic on these subjects or more? Email us!

    Click here to visit the blog!
    To learn more about the Faith & Values in the Public Square Lecture Series, visit here.


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