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News and Events

  • Annual Week of Prayer Upcoming: January 18-25

    Annual Week of Prayer
    Upcoming: January 18-25

    More information here and on the Worship & Liturgy blog, here.

    The annual Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, January 18-25, is as a pivotal event in the life of Seattle University’s School of Theology and Ministry.  During this week, the churches of the world challenge us to think about what it means to be the one body of Christ – already, and to pray that our unity might be more visible and tangible – not yet fully.  We unite in prayer with people around the world, we consider how we stand together, we ask ourselves what it means to be one in Christ, what the gifts of our diversity might be, what the sin of our disunity has meant for all the people of the world, Christian and non-Christian.

    The Week of Prayer is especially important at Seattle University's School of Theology and Ministry, for it helps focus our understanding of the distinctive pattern of ecumenical faith formation this school offers.  For centuries, Christians have spent an inordinate amount of time articulating what distinguishes one group of Christians from the others.  This one week of the year, at least, we ask all to dig deeply down into what we have in common and how we stand in unity with those of us who experience injustice and discrimination often unseen or unfelt in our particular ecclesial communities.  The call to pray together rings loud and clear during this Week, as our unity is most truly expressed when we are actively, physically in one another’s presence while we pray in common.

    Once again in 2013, the School will collaborate with the Church Council of Greater Seattle and the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle in observing the week here in the Puget Sound region.  Adapting resources prepared by the Christian churches in India for the World Council of Churches, the theme for the week is: “Walking,” based on the biblical text from Micah 6: what is required of you “but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?”  Many special events are being planned to extend this theme; you are invited to them all.

    • Walking Together & with God: Daily Morning Prayer; Friday, January 18; Tuesday through Friday, January 22-25 (8:30 to 8:50 a.m.) in the Chapel of St. Ignatius on the Seattle University Campus; daily meditations written by members of the School, the Church Council, and the Archdiocese, and posted on the Seattle University School of Theology and Ministry “Worship and Liturgy” blog; January 18 through January 25 
    • Walking in Conversation: Conversations in local congregation about Christian Unity on Sunday, January 20 
    • Walking in Celebration: The annual region-wide evening worship service celebrating our ecumenical diversity and unity in Christ; Tuesday, January 22 at 7:00 p.m. in the Chapel of St. Ignatius on the campus of Seattle University (Pastor Carey Anderson of First African Methodist Episcopal Church will be preaching)
    • Walking in Solidarity: Thursday, January 24: an ecumenical march in Seattle on behalf of those who struggle for justice and peace

    Don’t miss taking this week-long walk! More information here and on the Worship & Liturgy blog, here.

    Mark Lloyd Taylor, Ph.D. - Director of Worship 

    Jan Cherry, M.Div. - Ecumenical Liturgical Coordinator


    For more information on Worship & Liturgy year-round, visit the webpage here




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