New summer course for STM students focused on religion and atheism

April 7, 2017

This summer, the School of Theology and Ministry offers a new course to students: Religion and Atheisms – from Voltaire to Dawkins. The course is taught by visiting professor, Dr. Nicholas Adams, a renowned scholar in the field, currently serving as Professor of Philosophical Theology at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom.

Dr. Nicholas Adams has published many books, chapters, articles, and provided an impressive depth and breadth of research and supervision in the field of philosophical theology. Some of his main research interests include: the relation of German Idealism to theology, especially the work of Kant and Hegel, and philosophical problems in interfaith engagement, in relation to the public sphere.

The “Religion and Atheisms” course is based on primary texts from Voltaire to Marx, which will then be placed in critical dialogue with Richard Dawkins’ more recent book, “The God Delusion.” Students will come know and compare diverse perspectives on atheistic and religious beliefs, arguments, and questions that have developed over centuries. Themes that course participants will develop and converse about include: oppression, suffering, credibility, and the pursuit of truth.

This is a one-time offering for this course! The course is open to for-credit students only and is 3-quarter credits. Registration is open for this unique opportunity.

To register, visit SU online.

For more information, contact our Assistant Director of Admissions & Student Services, Jean Stean at or 206-296-5333.