Membership Awarded: Association of Clinical Pastoral Education

Written by SA-Worker18 student
March 23, 2015

Recently we announced that Dr. Faustino (Tito) Cruz, SM and Dr. Sharon Henderson Callahan were both elected to leadership positions within the national Accreditation Commission and Regional Council of the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE) respectively. (See the original post here).?

This month, Seattle University?s School of Theology and Ministry received confirmation that its Master of Divinity-Chaplaincy specialization is now recognized as a seminary member within the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education. The Association is charged with certifying chaplains for service in a variety of roles nationwide, and holds partnerships with hospitals to ensure that chaplaincy programs are strong, effective and sustained. Two years ago, Seattle University?s School of Theology and Ministry launched the Master of Divinity degree?s Chaplaincy specialization after assessing the great need for certified chaplains in the Pacific Northwest. A consideration was that chaplains were needed with adequate preparation across Christian traditions and with interfaith knowledge and sensitivity. Association members and Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) supervisors locally recognize that Seattle University?s School of Theology and Ministry is the perfect place for chaplains to be prepared for work with diverse groups in hospitals, mental health clinics, and military chaplaincy positions--in light of the school?s foundational commitment to preparing leaders with sensitivity to ethnic, racial and cultural groups with varied belief systems, traditions and spiritual practices.

The Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE) is an accrediting body for Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) programs nationwide, recognizing exceptional programs that prepare multicultural, multifaith caregivers to serve individuals of all life situations and faith backgrounds. Programs accredited by ACPE are recognized leaders in the field of clinical pastoral care. The Association encourages experiential learning in clinical settings and promotes professional competence to better prepare students for their ministry.

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