MATL student Fadi Aboulesaad becomes ordained

April 13, 2017

On March 28, Fadi Aboulesaad, SJ, MATL, was ordained into the Order of the Diaconate. In the company of many family, friends, and fellow Jesuits from the Seattle University campus and community, Aboulesaad was lovingly welcomed into the next step of his Jesuit formation by becoming a Deacon.

Before his ordination, Aboulesaad asked one of his Jesuit brothers and Fr. Pat Twohy for advice and Fr. Pat Twohy said, “on that special day, the only thing you need to do is to receive love.” And that’s what his ordination became about – love.

Aboulesaad explains,

"On that day I received a lot of love from my family, my community, my friends, my professors and my classmates at STM. I felt blessed and surrounded by love and friendship.

The chapel was full of songs of peace and justice: “Make Me a Channel of Your Peace”, “ The Kingdom of God is Justice and Peace”, “Let Justice Roll Like a River”… and other songs. My friend and classmate Sarah Turner sang a song to honor all those who have gone before us, all who have worked for dignity and freedom."

Aboulesaad graduates from the Transformational Leadership program in June, after which he will return to his home country Egypt, where he co-founded “Point of Light,” an interfaith retreat for Muslims and Christians to offer a safe space for shared spiritualty. Aboulesaad shares,

“I believe that our studies at the School of Theology and Ministry have changed our lives forever, and we are not able to be indifferent anymore, but peacemakers and agents of change.

After two years of graduate studies at School of Theology and Ministry, I feel ready to go back to Egypt, stand with those who fight for freedom, dignity and social justice. I will carry with me all that I have learned here and all the love that I have received.

My hope is to build bridges between communities and share not only religions, but different cultures.”

To learn more information on the Transformational Leadership degree click here.

In above photo from left to right: Tito Cruz (STM Associate Dean of Academic Affairs), Dung Tran (faculty NCS), Carla Orlando (MATL professional coach), Joe Orlando (Director of the Center for Jesuit Education), Fadi Abouelsaad (Jesuit MATL student from Egypt) and Frank Savadera (Jesuit DMin student from the Philippines).