March Edition: Faculty, Student & Alumni Highlights

Written by Kristina Alvarado
March 25, 2015


Dr. Mark S. Markuly, Dean
Both The Capitol Hill Times and Seattle University?s ?The Spectator? featured quotes from Dean Markuly as a part of their promotion of the Search for Meaning Book Festival. Click on the publication name to read more. ?

Dr. Leticia Guardiola-S?enz
Dr. Guardiola-S?enz has been granted tenure by Seattle University and has been promoted to the faculty rank of Associate Professor. Seattle University has recognized Dr. Guardiola-S?enz?s deep commitment to research, publishing relevant works, teaching, and service. Congratulations to Dr. Guardiola-S?enz! It is an honor having you as core faculty here at the school.


Dr. Cynthia Moe-Lobeda
Dr. Moe-Lobeda has been promoted from the rank of Associate Professor to Professor by Seattle University. Dr. Moe-Lobeda teaches both in the College of Arts and Sciences as well as here at the School of Theology and Ministry. In addition, Dr. Moe-Lobeda serves as a faculty fellow for the Seattle University Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability for her research on the ethical issues associated with climate change .We are so grateful to have Dr. Moe-Lobeda's expertise here at the school. Congratulations!


Rabbi Anson Laytner ?| ?Program Manager, Interreligious Initiative
Anson has been invited to present a paper on ?Western Jewish Contact with the Jews of Kaifeng, China? at Ohio State University on April 19th during a conference ?China and the Jews in the Modern Era?? Other confirmed speakers include: Noam Urbach of Bar-Ilan University, Israel; Moshe Bernstein from the University of Western Australia; Professor Jonathan Goldstein from State University of West Georgia, and Professor Gao Bei, College of Charleston, South Carolina.

Colette Casavant ?| ?Student Community & Admissions Coordinator
Colette has completed the Doctorate of Educational Leadership (EdD) at Seattle University, and can now be officially referred to as Dr. Colette Casavant! In addition to her staff role, Colette is also an alumna of the school?s Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies. Congratulations, Colette, on this incredible achievement and honor! This past month, in addition to giving a ?Questioning for Purpose? workshop (a festival encore for Colette and her co-presenter, Joelle Pretty, also a Seattle U staff member) with standing room only and attendance of 71 individuals?Colette presented the workshop to the MAGIS: Contemplatives in Action group of local Seattle leaders.?


Corey Passons ?| ?Master of Divinity
Corey will be presenting his paper and research entitled ?The Interreligious Lives of the Incarcerated? this week at the eighth annual ?Engaging Peculiarities? conference at Boston College. Corey?s trip was funded by Seattle University?s Graduate Student Council on special scholarship. We will be featuring Corey?s paper and research in the April e-newsletter. Stay tuned! Current Transforming Spirituality student, Nindyo Sasongko, will also be presenting his paper entitled ?Yearning for Wholeness: Eros, Health, and Ultimate Freedom in Paul Tillich and Ramana Maharshi,? as we shared last month.