March Edition: Faculty, Staff, Student & Alumni Updates

Written by Hannah Crivello
March 20, 2014


Dr. Leticia Guardiola-S?enz
Dr. Guardiola-S?enz recently taught an eight-week adult education series at Seattle?s First Baptist Church, entitled ?"The Ever-Changing Jesus: Seven early images from the Gospels of Thomas, Mark, Matthew, Luke, John, Mary, and Truth." She additionally submitted the article entitled "Mujerista Criticism" for publication in The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and Gender Studies, for release this upcoming November 2014. This month, Dr. Guardiola-S?enz received a grant from The Henry Luce Foundation for an interreligious dialogue project beginning with a summer course on "Critical Muslim Studies: Decolonial Struggles, Theology of Liberation and Islamic Revival? in Granada, Spain from June 9-20, 2014. Taraq Ramadan, one of the keynote speakers for the school and university?s Search for Meaning Book Festival, will be one of the featured speakers. Dr. Guardiola-S?enz will be developing course for Seattle University?s School of Theology and Ministry on interreligious hermeneutics, which will include: an introduction to critical Muslim studies, a symposium on Islamic feminism, an overview of Quranic ethics and hermeneutics, a postcolonial Muslim perspective of Islam and the West, and other topics.

Rev. Dr. Michael Kinnamon
Dr. Kinnamon has been active in the local Disciples of Christ community of late, including preaching at the 50th anniversary of Renton?s United Christian Church in February, preaching and working with the elders at Lake Washington Christian Church in March, and preaching and leading the adult forum at University Christian Church in the next week.? Bigger engagements in the area in the fairly near future include preaching (seven times!) at the Tre Ore services on Good Friday at St. James Cathedral, giving the address at the 30th anniversary banquet of Fig Tree (a monthly newspaper covering ecumenical faith and action throughout the Inland Northwest) in Spokane on April 30th, and giving the keynote address at the Disciples Regional Assembly (the Northwest Region of the Disciples of Christ) on May 16th. The Tre Ore homilies are on the seven last words of Christ, and the title of the Fig Tree address will be ?Telling Stories of Belonging Together: Ecumenism as a Movement of Communication.? At the end of this month, Dr. Kinnamon will be presenting a two-session program for the Church Council of Greater Seattle, tomorrow evening and the following Tuesday, on ?Walking into Difficult Conversations? (i.e., how Christians engage in constructive civility when they strongly disagree with one another).

Dr. Christie Eppler
Dr. Eppler?s co-authored oral presentation ?Male Students' Perspectives in Gender Course: A Qualitative Study? was accepted for the 22nd International Congress of Cross-Cultural Psychology conference this upcoming July in Paris, France. Dr. Eppler just returned from Chicago where she participated in the Association of Theological School?s conference for mid-career faculty. Participants read and discussed Daniel Aleshire?s Earthen Vessels: Hopeful Reflections on the Work and Future of Theological Schools.



Rabbi Anson Laytner
Rabbi Laytner?s article ?From Passivity to Protest to Peace: A Healing Process in Jewish Theology? will be published in an upcoming a volume edited by Peter Admirand entitled Loss and Hope: Global, Interreligious and Interdisciplinary Perspectives, published by Bloomsbury Academic (London, 2014). Rabbi Laytner has also been asked to present a paper on the contemporary situation of the Kaifeng Jewish community at a panel and roundtable discussion at the University of San Francisco Center for the Pacific Rim on May 1st.



Irene DeMaris - Master of Divinity
Irene is the newest addition to the School of Theology and Ministry?s graduate assistant team, working with the Contextual Education area within the school?s academic team. Irene is a second year Master of Divinity student who recently shared with us: ?I love the diversity of the school?s graduate student community and how it trickles down into class discussions. I?ve always been comfortable with my Methodist identity, but not my Christian identity and I?ve been able to discover that identity since coming to Seattle U. I?m a certified candidate for ministry for The United Methodist Church on the Deacon track. When I?m not in school I?m walking my Chihuahua corgi, Leo, planning dinner parties with friends, and watching online documentaries.?

Nindyo Sasongko ? Master of Arts in Transforming Spirituality
Last month, we celebrated Nindyo?s papers? publication and upcoming presentations at the University of Calgary event with the Pacific Northwest American Academy of Religion, Society for Biblical Literature and American Society of Religion meeting in May. This month, Nindyo received a Graduate Student Travel Grant from Seattle University?s Office of Research Services & Sponsored Projects to help fund the trip.



Lorenzo Herman, MATL? Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership, Class of 2013
Lorenzo has begun doctoral studies at Clark Atlanta University in Africana Women's Studies. Lorenzo just returned from Miami for the National Council for Black Studies Conference where he accepted an award for winning 3rd place in their national essay competition. Lorenzo additionally presented his paper there, which was entitled ?The Mysticism of Erykah Badu. Lorenzo shared with us:

?My Jesuit education has prepared me for this moment in ways that I cannot even put into right now. On the side, I have been helping non-profits move through structural changes to meet the demands of millennial generation(lots of social analysis and organizational development). I'm putting my MATL degree to work! I miss the school and I would like to stay connected, especially with any alumni in the Atlanta area.?