June Edition: Faculty & Alumni Updates

Written by Hannah Crivello
June 20, 2014


Dr. Christie Eppler
The Economist interviewed Dr. Eppler for the article "Mixing Soul Medicines" published this month, addressing what spiritually-integrated couples and family therapy looks like when the tradition of the clients' is honored throughout the therapeutic relationship (read online here). Dr. Eppler additionally just returned from the American Family Therapy Academy's conference in Athens, Georgia. She shares that she was a bit starstruck as there were many big names in the field of couples and family therapy in attendance: Froma Walsh, Carl Tomm, Volker Thomas, and Evan Imber-Black, to name a few. One of the most memorable plenary talks was given by Dr. Camara Jones on cultural factors that influence health. Participants partnered with the Athens' community to watch "Neshoba: The Price of Freedom," a documentary about the need for reparations regarding violent acts during the civil rights movement. A panel after the film, which included the filmmaker, discussed safety, race, freedom, and social justice. The conference was enriching and Dr. Eppler looks forward to taking what was learned into the classroom.

Dr. Michael Reid Trice
This past month, KIRO radio interviewed Dr. Trice on Pope Francis and the role of the Devil (listen here). Dr. Trice's talk and corresponding article entitled "There's an App for That! A Post-Christian Lutheran Encounter," will augment into a forthcoming book on the future of Lutheran identity around the world. Dr. Trice is representing Seattle University's School of Theology and Ministry at the International Interfaith Conference held on the Seattle University campus as a collaboration between the school and the Lutheran World Federation from August 10-15. Twenty-eight scholars from around the world will meet to focus on the future of faith and religious identity in the 21st century world. Dr. Trice will co-edit the book that will result from the gathering, as well as contribute a chapter. Trice's pre-tenure sabbatical will occur Fall Quarter, and will contain writing projects and an occasional bike trip.?

Dr. Jeanette Rodriguez
Dr. Rodriguez, active adjunct professor at the school, received the Academy of Catholic Hispanic Theologians of the United States' (ACTHUS) Virgilio Elizondo award this past month. The association is dedicated to promoting research and critical theological reflection for Hispanic scholars within the context of the United States (read more, here).

Rev. Dr. Michael Kinnamon
As we mentioned a few months ago, Dr. Kinnamon gave the keynote presentation for the anniversary celebration of The Fig Tree publication. This month, his talk was published as the cover article in the same publication (read online here).



Victoria (Terra) Morgan, MDIV - Master of Divinity, Class of 2014
Terra will be receiving an ecclesial endorsement from Unity Church in September of this year. Terra shares: "I consider the school's ability to ask me to know and articulate my own theology as a part of the brilliance of an ecumenical and interreligious Masters of Divinity education. Never once was I forced to believe a theology that I did not agree with, instead I was encouraged to formulate my own in an environment of respect and open-mindedness."

Jennifer Daugherty, John Forman & Alissabeth Newton - Master of Divinity, Class of 2014
All recent alumni will be ordained to the Episcopal priesthood at St. Mark's Cathedral at 7:00pm on Tuesday, July 22nd. All are welcome to attend!?

Michaela Kearns, MAPS -
Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies, Class of 2014
Michaela co-led the "Acape" retreat for Seattle University's junior and senior undergraduates, creating space for students to reflect on how God is moving in their lives. Michaela has served as the Ignatian Spirituality intern with Campus Ministry this past year as a part of Ministerial and Theological Integration through Contextual Education. Michaela, and two campus minister colleagues, worked alongside students that were preparing talks for the retreat. Their role was to support these student leaders with prayer and presence as they led their peers through talks and small groups. Michaela shares: "It was a gift to be able to witness the student leaders preparing and sharing their spiritual journeys and how their stories inspired their peers to reflect on their own journey." (Photos here)?

Aubrey Thonvold, MATS - Master of Arts in Transforming Spirituality, Class of 2012
Congratulations to 2012 alumna, Aubrey, who will serve as interim Executive Director for ReconcilingWorks in St. Paul, Minnesota--a denominationally affiliated Lutheran nonprofit that focuses on welcoming lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender believers within over 550 congregations, synods, colleges, seminaries and other organizations. Aubrey was chosen in part for her work more recently as the Faith Coordinator for the successful Marriage Equality Campaign in the state of Oregon. Read more here.