Join us! Master of Divinity Synthesis Student Presentations

Written by Kristina Alvarado
May 13, 2015

One of the most memorable and impacting experiences for Master of Divinity students is their Synthesis Studies course, taught by Dr. Mark Lloyd Taylor. The course is the capstone of their practicum and is designed to assist students in the integration and articulation of their gifts and limits in relation to their ministry as leaders. The course stresses the synthesis of theological study, ministerial experience, as well as personal and spiritual growth.

At the end of the Synthesis, students give a closing presentation, revealing just a corner of all they have learned throughout their experience in the Master of Divinity Program. Students articulate what is at the heart of their theology as a minister, along with the insights and convictions they have explored throughout their studies. As they explore their own theological grounding, they share themes and topics that make up their "ministerial identity." Students express their personal spiritual experiences and wrestling, alongside the knowledge they have gleaned from key theologians over time.?

Faculty, staff, and students along with family members are invited to come watch these moving, inspirational and meaningful presentations. The presentations uniquely express, in the voicing of each individual student, the school?s "three-legged stool" or "core of the curriculum" of academic excellence, spiritual rootedness and professional competence.

Presentations last for 45 minutes, followed by discussion, and will be held in Hunthausen 100. Student members of the class will also take turns facilitating these four sessions and beginning the question and answer period for each presentation with a formal response. Come join us!

Thursday, May 7 ?| ?Hunthausen 100
? ? ?Presenter 1 (9:00am): ? ?Jeny Carlson
? ? ?Presenter 2 (10:30am): ?Preston Woodall

Thursday, May 14 ?| ?Hunthausen 100
? ? ?Presenter 1 (9:00am): ? ?Richard Crummett
? ? ?Presenter 2 (10:30am): ?Leigh Weber

Thursday, May 21 ?| ?Hunthausen 100
? ? ?Presenter 1 (9:00am): ? ?Linda Gasparovic
? ? ?Presenter 2 (10:30am): ?Meggie Rodgers

Thursday, June 4 ?| ?Hunthausen 100
? ? ?Presenter 1 (9:00am): ? ?Johanna Leuchter
? ? ?Presenter 2 (10:30am): ?Elizabeth Bray

Congratulations to our Master of Divinity Class of 2015! We celebrate your hard work, as well as those family and friends that have supported you along the way.?