Instagram #StudentTakeover! Couples & Family Therapy Student, Mariah Ramirez

October 5, 2016

This Fall Quarter, current student Mariah Ramirez will be taking over @seattleustm on Instagram--offering the latest #studenttakeover series of photos that chronicle “A Day in the Life of a Student.”

We look forward to following Mariah this quarter, as she navigates the MA in Couples & Family Therapy program. Many thanks to Couples & Family Therapy student, Nils Ringo-Pennino, who served as our #studenttakeover this past Summer Quarter! Follow @seattleustm in your Instagram app, or bookmark the school’s profile in your browser!



Greetings, friends!

My name is Mariah – you may know me already, or know of me, or just know that I smile a lot. If you don’t know me at all, buckle up, because for the next few weeks, I’ll take you on a little tour of the world from my perspective. I call it MariahVision!  (Just kidding, I don’t, but it made me giggle!) 

I am just beginning my second year in the Couples and Family Therapy program, which means fun things like learning to make time for normal classwork while starting my clinical internship. I’ve recently realized that I’m gaining a reputation as the only extravert in my cohort, so to give myself lots of opportunities to get all the talking out of my system, I sit on the Graduate Student Council as the representative of the School of Theology and Ministry, work in the office as your graduate assistant for Academics and Student Life, and am a new member of the Ecumenical and Interreligious Student Council. I am so passionate about helping our school grow and thrive!

When I’m not overcommitting to school events, you may have a hard time tracking me down! While I can occasionally be found in my beloved garage apartment in Edmonds, reading, writing, cooking, or watching Wes Anderson and Miyazaki films, you’re just as likely to find me sharing a meal with good friends, catching a music or film festival, rock climbing, or taking rampage train trips to Montana! Let’s just say I don’t slow down much.

I’m so excited to spend this quarter with you! I care about each of you so very much, and will try my best to share things that brighten your day and bring you a smile. If you see me on campus, say hello! I am always excited to meet more of our STM community.

Slip on your MariahVision goggles, and welcome to the way I see things.