Inside the Classroom: Preaching for Radical Welcome

Written by Hannah Crivello
November 20, 2013

Current students and community auditors are invited to benefit from this 2014 Winter Quarter special course with Rev. Dr. Flora Wilson Bridges. This STMA 593-04 course, entitled "Prophetic Preaching for Radical Welcome," will help students engage the prophetic tradition of scripture with a conscience for action on behalf of the poor and marginalized in society.

Dr. Wilson Bridges invites students to develop a new dimension of ministry--learning to preach in the prophetic tradition of Scripture with an emphasis on the Black Church tradition.

Address the immense, urgent, and essential need for preaching to move congregations of every class and complexion, and develop a conscience for and action on behalf of, radical change in the condition of the poor. Using the organizing principle of the compassion of Jesus, we will work to build and deliver compassionate sermons in which, as Dr. Wilson Bridges shares, ?the compassion of Jesus is to be understood, not simply as a personal emotional reaction but as a public criticism in which he dares to act upon his concern against the entire numbness of his social context.?

This course is offered as a weekend intensive, during the 2014 Winter Quarter:
January 11-12; February 22-23, 2014?

About the Professor:
Dr. Wilson Bridges is a systematic theologian and ordained minister within the National Baptist Convention U.S.A., Inc. with privilege of call in the United Church of Christ. She joined the faculty of Seattle University's School of Theology and Ministry as Assistant Professor of Pastoral Theology in 2002 and became Associate Professor in 2006. She has taught both graduate and undergraduate courses in African-American religious expression and spirituality; and graduate courses in ministerial and theological integration, group effectiveness skills and ministry in a multicultural context. She is the author of Resurrection Song: African-American Spirituality, published by Orbis Books, among other works.?
Dr. Wilson Bridges is returning to the school to teach this quarter as Adjunct Faculty, as she is now working full-time in ministry.

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This course is an elective open to all current students and non-matriculated auditors. It also fulfills the requirements of either beginning or advanced preaching for the school's Master of Divinity students.
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