Inside the Classroom: Confessing Lutheran Identity

Written by SA-Worker1 student
October 28, 2014


A special opportunity is available this upcoming Winter Quarter 2015, for students and community members alike to engage the topic ?Confessing Lutheran Identity in the 21st Century? with Dr. Michael Reid Trice . The topic has great relevance for all people of faith, particularly individuals that identify as Lutheran. In a world where influence of religion in culture and conversations is changing dramatically, religious identity is taking a different shape in both individual and communal spheres of life.

Students will have a rich opportunity to explore a variety of texts and media from a variety of individuals all around the globe. Topics include ?A Lutheran Response to Racism? by Richard J. Perry, Jr., ?Who Are You? Christ and the Imperative of Subjectivity? by Anna Mercedes, ?The Role of the Religious Voice in the 21st Century: An African Lutheran-Christian Perspective? by Rev. Herbert Moyo, and more.

Dr. Trice commented on the course and what it will address throughout Winter Quarter. ?

?Communities of faith in the world are re-imagining their identity and role in society. This is a course that begins with the experience of Lutheran Identity in the context of major societal trends of the current century. We will address the question of religious relevance and the voices of faith in the world that are making major contributions to the community of nations today. ?We conclude with exploring students? own sense of vocation in specific ways that shape their identity as a leader in their community."

For more information on this course, offered beginning January 2015, contact Colette Casavant via ?| ?(206) 296-5333.

There are options for newly admitted students, non-matriculated students (earning graduate credit), or for individuals auditing the class.