IgnatianQ Conference, April 1-3

April 3, 2016
Seattle University is hosting IgnatianQ 2016! The conference theme, "Celebrating Identities: Queer Solidarity at Jesuit Schools," will be exploring the interconnections of gender, sexuality, race, class, and religion through a series of social events, talks, workshops, and other events over this three day event. All students, staff, faculty and alumni are welcome to participate.

IgnatianQ 2016 Conference

April 1-3  |  Seattle U Campus
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IgnatianQ is a student-run and student-focused Ignatian LGBTQ+ conference. IgnatianQ brings together the community of LGBTQ folks (and allies) at Jesuit universities from across the U.S. We are an affirming community, brought together in part by our common experiences of marginalization and exclusion. As LGBTQ+ people, we believe that our own desire for social justice and the Jesuit values that inform our education are forces that can and should work together for a more just and humane world. As we explore the intersections of sexuality, gender, and spirituality together, we strive to educate and empower the whole person.