Faculty Transition: Celebrating Dr. Andrew Davis

Written by Hannah Crivello
April 22, 2014
Dr. Andrew Davis, Assistant Professor of Hebrew Bible, just announced that he has accepted a tenure-track position at Boston College as an Assistant Professor of Hebrew Bible. Boston College is one of 28 Jesuit universities in the United States, and one of the largest schools in the Ignatian network of higher learning. It is a great honor for an institution like Boston College to offer a highly competitive tenure track position to Dr. Davis.

This offer is just one indication of how respected this young scholar is in the United States for his knowledge of the Hebrew Scriptures. With two small children, Dr. Davis and his wife, Emily, have been hoping to find a way to relocate to the East Coast to be closer to their families. While they have lived in Seattle, his wife has worked for the Ignatian Spirituality Center as Coordinator for Program Marketing & Assistance in addition to work with Seattle University?s Department of Mission & Ministry.
Dr. Davis has been with Seattle University's School of Theology and Ministry since Fall 2010. In those three and half years, he has become a trusted and highly respected colleague for the faculty and staff at the school, and has been a popular faculty member with students.

Dean Mark S. Markuly, PhD remarks: ?We will miss Dr. Davis a great deal. He has shared with both faculty and staff that he feels bittersweet with the transition, and I can only say that we feel the same. All of us wish him and his family many blessings in this new chapter in their life.?

Dr. Davis shares: ?Emily, the boys, and I are grateful for the support and friendship we have found in the Seattle University and School of Theology and Ministry community.? I have learned so much from my students and colleagues here. The school?s uniquely ecumenical and increasingly interreligious environment has taught me new ways to think about scripture, theology, and ministry.?

A formal search for a new faculty member will now transpire for start in the upcoming 2014-2015 academic year.