Faculty Profile: Sharon Henderson Callahan, Ed.D.

March 26, 2018

Sharon-BlurBackground-800pxA native of Seattle, Sharon has dedicated her passion to educate and empower students for the past 19 years at Seattle University. Sharon has traveled to many parts of Europe, Kenya, the Philippines, Taiwan, Mexico, Central America, and Vietnam. She has worked with people on translations and cultural adaptations of scripture studies [Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese, English]. Sharon integrates music, prayer, kinesthetic learning, technology, mini-immersion experiences, reading, "drama", and lecture in her teaching. She is interested in people finding a way to deepen their own insights, expand their toolkits, and engage difference with grace.

Sharon’s dissertation on “A Delphi Study of Leadership Competencies Needed by Leaders of Roman Catholic Faith Communities in Western Washington Through the Year 2000” was widely received at Seattle University. Throughout her career, she has received many honors and awards including the prestigious Association of Theological Schools of Women in Leadership Grant. Sharon’s published work can be viewed in many publications.