Faculty News & Announcements: August 2012

Written by Ryan Fallgren
April 5, 2012

Celebrating Recent SU STM Faculty Acknowledgments & Achievements

Seattle University's School of Theology and Ministry has always been known and recognized for having a significantly diverse faculty?coming from a variety of denominations, faith backgrounds, ethnic histories and beyond. The School is honored to feature along with its fourteen Core Faculty, recognized scholars and experts in a variety of vocational fields in its Adjunct Faculty and Faculty Emerti.

We here celebrate and acknowledge recent scholarly acknowledgements and achievements by our faculty!

Dr. Andrew Davis had two paper proposals accepted for next year?s Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) Annual Gathering:

  • -?Wrestling Jacob in African American Religious and Literary Tradition? for the program unit Use, Influence, and Impact of the Bible
  • ?Ahaz's New Altar and the Politics of Sacred Space? for the program unit Space, Place, and Lived Experience in Antiquity

An additional article will appear this summer in the Journal of Biblical Literature, with an earlier version having been presented at the SBL Regional Meeting, receiving the 2012 SBL Regional Scholar Award.

  • ?The Literary Effect of Gender Discord in the Book of Ruth?

Dr. Davis received a summer fellowship from The Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion.

Dr. Leticia Guardiola-S?enz? just received word that she will be one of select faculty highlighted by the Seattle University Provost for a special publication.

Dr. Mark Taylor, and SU STM MDiv student Alissabeth Newton, will be presenting a paper at the upcoming annual meeting of the Pacific Northwest American Academy of Religion/Society of Biblical Literature entitled: ?Playing with Pictures of Paradox: Children and Jesus Christ in S?ren Kierkegaard and Godly Play [a Montessori based program of children?s faith formation].?
Dr. Erica Martin will additionally be presenting a work at the Northwest AAR /SBL "The Euphemistic Hijab: Uncovering Hidden References to Women?s Bodies in the Hebrew Bible".

Dr. Valerie Lesniak had a chapter accepted for publication, "Mystics and Leadership for Reform", in SAGE Publications' new two volume work on Religious Leadership.

Dr. Christie Epplerrecently published an article regarding communication and resiliency in the Journal of Family Psychotherapy, here. In addition, a paper was accepted for the Association of Spiritual, Ethical, and Religious Values in Counseling. The paper is entitled "Using Qualitative Research Tools to Explore Intersections of Spirituality and Resiliency". The conference is in Santa Fe, NM in June.

Associate Dean and Professor,Dr. Sharon Callahan received a Wabash Grant for Academic Deans as Leaders in Theological Education and will host, as Vice President, the Academy of Religious Leadership Annual Conference on Seattle University's campus April 18-22.

Assistant Dean of Ecumenical and Interreligious Dialogue, Dr. Michael Trice, is in the process of editing a book on women in religious leadership roles and just finished an article for 'Conversations' on the future of ecumenism after Vatican II titled 'For the Restoration of the Unity'.? He will additionally be giving a presentation at the Oklahoma City Bombing Site on April 18th, 2012-- on the future of Christian peace-building in the U.S. for the National Workshop on Christian Unity.


For more information on Faculty Scholarship at Seattle University's School of Theology and Ministry, visit here.