The School of Theology and Ministry offers online Personal Finance class in Church and Faith-Based Non-profit Management course series program this Winter

October 26, 2017

The School of Theology and Ministry is offering Managing Personal Finances class in the Church and Faith-Based Non-profit Management program. The program and course series, developed by the Economics and Pastoral Leadership Project, supports pastors and other religious leaders manage the “business” side of faith-based organizations. This unique offering equips leaders, staff and board members with tools to engage issues of financial and organizational management that can dramatically impact the sustainability of their communities of faith.

Managing Personal Finances

Winter: Jan 8 – March 24, 2018

Details: This class provides concrete tools for church and nonprofit leaders navigating their call to service as a vocational or bi-vocational leader. Participants are able to work through strategies for individual and family responsibilities, along with the realities of holding university and seminary student debt along with other financial challenges.

To register for this class:

  • Leaders in the community taking this class for professional development units can register here. Pilot cost for Winter quarter is $50 (10 PD hours). Actual cost is $315.
  • Matriculated students taking Graduate Credits can register for this course starting November 13 via SU Online. Cost is $631 (1 Graduate Credits).

Instructor: The Reverend Cheri Lovell, M.Div., CFRE
Curriculum/Course Design Team Members: Thanh-Thuong ChuChe, Cheri Lovell, Diana Miller, and Julianne Slate

Instructor Rev. Cheri Lovell speaks about the value of this course:

“For many years, I worked with church treasurers, pastors and financial leaders across the United Church of Christ, and found that a solid foundation of personal financial knowledge and skills can provide a leader with important self-confidence. That confidence will not only help them improve their own financial health, but will support them as they address the range of financial issues all not-for-profit leaders face.

Developed with ministry and not-for-profit professionals in mind, the School of Theology and Ministry’s Personal Finance course offers a streamlined, hands-on program that not only covers the key elements of building and sustaining financial health, but walks through the practice of building a well-rounded personal financial plan. The course creates a safe space in which to learn and take control of your financial future.”

For questions about the course content please contact Thanh-Thuong ChuChe at or 206-296-5335.