Economics & Pastoral Leadership Project Course Series Begins!

Economics & Pastoral Leadership Project Course Series Begins!

October 25, 2016

Seattle University’s School of Theology and Ministry would like to invite current students to participate in the first offering of a professional development course, entitled Talking Faith & Money: At the Intersection of Theology, Economics & Organizational Realities taught by Dr. Mark Markuly, Dean of the School of Theology and Ministry. This is the first asynchronous online class in a special course series and certificate program being developed by the school’s Economics and Pastoral Leadership Project to support pastors and other religious leaders manage the “business” side of faith-based organizations.  This class lays a foundation for all that the course series will cover; participants grapple with their own individual and community’s theology and how it intersects with themes of money, economics, and organizational management.  

Space is limited and the deadline to register is November 5. 

To register or for questions please contact Thanh-Thuong ChuChe at or 206-296-5335.