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Doing Theology in a Living Laboratory

March 1, 2019

In the learning experiences of the hard sciences, laboratories are created where students work alongside faculty to test hypotheses in the lab. The humanities and even theology can sometimes become a data download of information about a religious tradition without any real efforts to test out the theology with others. In constructive theology, a faculty member and students attempt to articulate an understandable theology for this day and time and for a particular context. Welcome to the concept of Religica, an interdisciplinary lab designed for students to engage the world with their theological understandings in new ways.

LivingLabPhoto-KFujii-FIXED400pxIn consultation with colleagues in the university and throughout the country, Dr. Trice is building a living theological laboratory where students can test new hypotheses about religion and society. The results are infused into his curriculum and made available to other faculty throughout the university. This lab, Religica, is outward facing as a platform where students test ideas, make new connections with colleagues around the world, and collaborate on projects that will teach the next generation of students. Think of Religica as a living course pack, brimming with new and timely content. The Religica living lab shines a light on the School, the university, its programs, and requisite courses. You won’t find him in a white lab coat, but this is an exciting part of Dr. Trice’s current research and service in the university and the world.