Dean at Special Seminar on Cognitive Science & Religion

Written by Ryan Fallgren
July 24, 2012

Seattle University School of Theology and Ministry's Dean Mark S. Markuly, Ph.D. is attending a special seminar this week at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan on the topic of "Cognitive Science of Religion and Christianity". The seminar is in the second year of a three year project. A group of 15-18 academics have been selected to attend, representing the United States, the Netherlands and Finland.

More about the Seminar:

The Calvin Seminar on Cognitive Science and Religion (CSR) is made up of a unique team of psychologists, philosophers, counselors and theologians with faith commitments who are studying this emerging interdisciplinary field, trying to understand better where religious ideas come from and how they get passed down through generations.?

Researchers in CSR, or those reading their findings, have already generated a number of world headlines on religious issues.? Some of the so-called New Atheists, such as Richard Dawkins, often quote this research to support their opinions, although most of the CSR literature does not support their conclusions.? The CSR field is going to continue to play a significant role in the faith-science debates, and has the potential of impacting religious practice.? The seminar team, which was organized by Dr. Justin Barrett, a leading research in CSR, has committed itself to a three-year research effort.? Dr. Markuly is interested in the relevance of the insights of CSR to religious and theological education.


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