Continuing Education, Courses in Couples & Family Therapy

April 2, 2016

Here at Seattle University's School of Theology and Ministry, we are happy to provide special Continuing Educationopportunities for professionals and partners seeking a variety of skills personally and professionally.

Select classes are specifically available for those seeking continuing education for their licensure as a Marriage & Family Therapists (LMFT). Therapists can audit classes (the course will not appearing on a transcript, but results in a CE certificate) or take the class for credit as a non-matriculated student (the course does appear on a transcript and results with a a CE certificate). The State of Washington ultimately determines what courses count for required continuing education, and should be consulted with any additional questions. (Resource, here.) 

Couples and family therapy program director, Dr. Christie Eppler, explains:

"Generally speaking, a 3-hour class counts for 30 CEs and a 1 credit class counts for 10 CEs (you can only count the face-to-face time spent in class). Because we are a COAMFTE-accredited program and the select classes we offer are taught by licensed professionals, the WA State Department of Health counts these CEs toward the 36 bi-yearly continuing education requirement. Some of our offerings include: Systems of Trauma Treatment, Spiritually-Infused Systemic Child and Adolescent Treatment, Psychopathology (updated DSM-5), Group Therapy, and more. The majority of the students in these particular class offerings are students learning to be therapists. I am confident that auditors and non-matriculated students alike will find the courses' dialogue to be engaging and informative, with up-to-date material in lectures and discussion."

Contact Asst. Director of Admissions & Student Services, Colette Casavant, for more information!  |  (206) 296-5333