Co-sponsored: International Holocaust Remembrance Day, 1/27

Written by Kristina Alvarado
January 15, 2015

The Holocaust challenges all peoples and nations?and people of faith in particular?to stand against genocide, bigotry and racism wherever they occur. Mindful of this challenge, Seattle University Campus Ministry and the School of Theology and Ministry convene an annual Holocaust and Genocide Remembrance Day Commemoration as both a reminder of past horrors and a call to action to prevent future tragedies.

This year, we are honored to host Bob Herschkowitz as a part of this special event. He is a Belgian native who was just a young boy during the Holocaust. When Herschkowitz was just two years old, Germany invaded Belgium, forcing his family to flee to France. Although at one point the family was arrested in Northern France, they managed to escape and use false Baptism documents to enroll Herschkowitz in Catholic school. However, the French soon began detaining Jews and his family was sent to an internment camp. When his mother became pregnant with his younger brother, they were separated from his father. In order to avoid being sent to a death camp like Auschwitz, his father escaped the internment camp and with the help of a Basque family on the border of France and Spain, he was reunited with his wife and two sons. The family fled to Switzerland together and returned to Belgium after the war. Herschkowitz went on to serve in the Belgian Navy. He then moved to the United States to work as an engineer for Boeing and became a commander in the US Navy. He served as the president of the Washington State Holocaust Education Resource Center (WSHERC) and is the youngest survivor speaking on behalf of the Center.

Tuesday, January 27th | 7pm | Student Center 160
Bob Herschkowitz, Holocaust Survivor
Free & Open to the Public

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