Classes Available for Audit: Fall Quarter

August 18, 2016

Are you interested in how our world is growing and changing in contemporary culture? Does it excite you to study ancient languages or spiritual traditions and practices? Are you passionate about how to "be the church" in our world today? 

Join one of our classes this fall quarter! Spread the word; you can join as a non-matriculated student to still receive graduate credit for taking the classes. 

Contact or 206.296.5330.

Classes Available for Audit

Auditing Community Members & Non-matriculated Students are welcome!

Fall 2016

STMM 5260 Hebrew Scriptures

STML 5630 Contemporary Expressions in Spirituality

STMM 5120 Greek I

STMM 5000 Christian Anthropology

STMA 5910-01 Advanced Theological Seminar: Kierkegaard

STMA 5120 History of the North American Church

STMM 5910-02 Ignatian Leadership I (1cr)

STML 5910-01 Ethics, Ecology, and Leadership

STMM 5910-01 Between Bible and Qur’an

STMM 5910-03 Pacific Northwest Culture & United Methodist Identity (1cr)

STMM 5910-04 Pacific Northwest Culture & Lutheran Identity (1cr)