What issue should the Center for Religious Wisdom & World Affairs address next?

September 1, 2017

Every three to four years, the Center for Religious Wisdom & World Affairs focuses on a specific social issue.

Currently, fifteen theologians and social scientists from across the country and globe are working on research projects that examine the religious and ethical dimensions of homelessness and the affordable housing crisis. A cohort of local religious leaders and community partners – the Puget Sound Interfaith Network for Public Theology – is also meeting periodically to explore themes around building capacity for more effective faith-based responses to this pressing social issue.

As the work on homelessness and the affordable housing crisis advances, the Center team will also begin to reach out to local religious leaders and other stakeholders to explore what issue the Center should address next.  The first phase of this consultation process is to circulate a survey.

What issue do you think the Center should focus on from 2019 to 2022? Please take a minute or two to give us your feedback.  We need and value your input as we seek to ensure the Center is as responsive as possible to the issues affecting our local community.

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