Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability Conference, 8/7-8/9

July 5, 2016

Hosted ​by ​the ​Seattle ​University ​Center ​for ​Environmental ​Justice ​and ​Sustainability ​(CEJS), ​the ​biennial ​Conference ​"Just ​Sustainability: ​Hope ​for ​the ​Commons" ​will ​focus ​on ​the ​intimate ​connections ​between ​environmental ​justice ​and ​sustainability. ​Attendees ​will ​have ​a ​unique ​opportunity ​to ​connect ​with ​researchers, ​businesses, ​and ​communities ​that ​are ​bringing ​EJS ​issues ​to ​the ​fore ​of ​public ​discourse.  Confronting the climate crisis now before us calls for collaboration, exchange of ideas, and exploration of solutions by academics and practitioners across every discipline. “Just Sustainability” will provide that platform!

Sunday, August 7 12:00pm-Tuesday, August 9 4:00pm 
Seattle University  |  Pigott Auditorium
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  • Seven workshopswill build expertise and provide tools for your organization and communities. Workshop themes range from “Indigenous Activism,” to “Corporate Sustainability,” to “Calculating Your Ecological Footprint.”
  • Our six featured speakers Brian CladoosbyShariff AbdullahCynthia Figge Andrew HoffmanMcKenzie Funkand the Interfaith Amigoswill highlight how we can work together to ensure the well-being of all people while caring for our common home.
  • Garden Conversations(aka speed dating) will foster connections and create a foundation for exchange, collaboration, and after-conference follow-up.
  • Three sustainability tourswill take you around some of the most innovative examples of greening efforts by Seattle community members and businesses. Tours include the greenest commercial building in the world (Bullitt Center), a walk through the Beacon Hill Food Forest, and a visit to the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency air sampling station.
  • More than fifty academics and practitionerswill give presentations that highlight their environmental justice and sustainability projects.