Catholic Heritage Lecture: Think Globally, Act Locally, 4/23

Written by Kristina Alvarado
March 24, 2015

Seattle University's Institute for Catholic Thought and Culture invites the Seattle University community to retrieve, reclaim and revive a tradition of exploration, examination and engagement with the intersection of religion and culture, of faith and reason and of church and world by creating a culture of rigorous study of and dialogue with the Catholic intellectual and wisdom tradition. The annual Catholic Heritage Lectures, launched in 2010, engage the intellectual and religious communities of the Seattle area and the Seattle University community to explore aspects of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition and the intersection of Catholicism and culture.

Join the conversation by attending the 2014-2015 Catholic Heritage Lectures, ?The Church Pope Francis Invites Us to Build.? The spring segment, "Think Globally, Act Locally: Pope Francis' Invitation to the Whole People of God" will explore how Pope Francis' hope for a "poor church for the poor" demands consultation, collaboration and commitment from all who constitute the church. Keynote speaker Edward Hahnenberg and panelists Sr. Linda Haydock, SNJM and Joseph Orlando will discuss what it means to view the church as the people of God, a human embodiment of the Gospel that spans an array of cultures and classes.

Thursday, April 23 ?| ?7:00pm
Seattle University Campus ?| ?Pigott Auditorium