Calling all Bloggers! Faith & Values Blog

Written by Hannah Crivello
November 20, 2013

Seattle University School of Theology and Ministry's Faith & Values in the Public Square blog is an interactive virtual community that initiates and invites a variety of conversations on cultural and societal issues. These conversations come from a variety of faith perspectives and traditions, allowing for civil conversation, sharing of ideas, and most of all a peaceful approach to the 'Public Square'. The School?s goal is to highlight different faith communities, people, opinions, and thoughts to touch on the issues facing us today.

The school's blog management staff are hoping to better engage community members, faculty, staff, and students--making the content of our blog even better than ever.? We putting a call out to writers and bloggers to help contribute to these posts.

A standard blog is approximately 4 paragraphs (800-1000 words).? The School posts on the blog a minimum of once a week, and the goal is to increase that to 2-3 times per week this year.? Blog posts vary between slightly more academic in style and content, to slightly more in the style of personal reflection. We welcome contributors that write anywhere within that spectrum.

Are you interested in contributing?
If you would be willing to write on one of these themes, or something else related to Faith and Values in the Public Square (it is a very broad topic!), please email Hannah Hochkeppel.? We look forward to hearing from you, and working with you!