At Work in the City: the Faith & Family Homelessness Project

Written by Ryan Fallgren
October 25, 2012

At Work in the City:?
the Faith & Family Homelessness Project - THIS WEEK

Tuesday night this week, the Interfaith Association of Northwest Washington hosted their annual dinner for the Interfaith Shelter. The wall was decorated with flowers, and each leaf representing a family member in the shelter. Seattle University School of Theology and Ministry (STM) staff, Jan Cherry and Lisa Gustaveson as well as student and Graduate Assistant Liz Fenn and representatives from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and Temple Beth El (project sites) represented the School's Faith & Family Homelessness Project which was featured in the program as one of the ways the region is addressing the issue of homelessness and advocating for families. The evening's program noted: "This is not 'our' project but we are honored to participate... Keep your eyes open for continuing news about this wonderful endeavor."



This past Sunday, an intimate crowd of long-time homelessness advocates along with men and women who were either experiencing homelessness ? or who had weathered the storm of homelessness ? gathered at Victor?Steinbueck?Park at Pike Place Market in Seattle knowing that a little rain would never stop this celebration from happening. The Homeless Remembrance Project?s Tree of Life Dedication & Celebration marked the end of an almost 10 year journey to establish a place for all to remember and honor people who have died while homeless in King County. Seattle University and STM Faith & Family Homelessness staff and partners were present. In some of the photos, you can see their faces.

To see images from the day visit :?A project firmly planted | Picture This | The Seattle Times.

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Project Firmly Planted

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