Arthur Vining Davis Grant Awarded for Worship & Liturgy

Written by Hannah Crivello
July 18, 2012

The Arthur Vining Davis Foundation has awarded Seattle University's School of Theology and Ministry a three year grant to enhance worship and liturgy dimensions of the School's culture, programs and curriculum. The generous support of the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation, one of the most selective foundations in the nation, will help us address some key questions at a deeper level, such as--

  • What does worship look like in the 21st century?
  • How can individuals of varied faith traditions and spiritual backgrounds gather in the same worship space, while retaining authenticity with one's own tradition??
  • What does it mean to deepen in one's own faith tradition of worship and liturgy???

Faculty and students will be engaging these themes and more as we host an annual workshop for friends of the School in our ecumenical partnerships, bring in a nationally/internationally known teacher-scholars, hold faculty retreats, attend critical conferences in areas of worship, liturgy and preaching, and more! This project will help the School better prepare world-class preachers and worship leaders for the 21st century, who are sharing authentically and out of their own depth.

Seattle University School of Theology and Ministry is known for its formal partnerships with 13 Christian denominations, intentional collaborations with Jewish, Muslim and Buddhist communities and for having a student body marked by diversity and soulful community redefined. This project is an extension of the values of being intentionally culturally diverse, intentionally committed to justice, and intentionally ecumenical and interreligiously minded.

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