Surveying Faith-Based Responses to Homelessness: Professional Development Course and Scholarship Opportunity

February 20, 2018

Taught by Manuel J. Mejido
Two weekends: April 14-15 and May 12-13, 2018

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As key actors in the social welfare system of the United States, congregations, denominational coordinating bodies, and faith-inspired non-profit organizations have long contributed to addressing homelessness and the affordable housing crisis. What capacities do these faith-based organizations need to more effectively address this social problem? How do they build and sustain coalitions across difference? What are the challenges of establishing a right relationship with those who are unhoused?

Join a group of local practitioners and Seattle University graduate students for this course offered by the Center for Religious Wisdom & World Affairs, and together, survey key faith-based initiatives to address homelessness and the affordable housing crisis in the Puget Sound region and other urban centers across the country. Topics include determinants and demographics of homelessness; policy and stakeholder responses; assessment of faith-based interventions; and theologies of homelessness.  You'll also have the option of attending the Center’s April Symposium when scholars will present their research projects on the role of religion in understanding and responding to homelessness.

The Center is pleased to offer a select number of needs-based scholarships for the remaining two courses in its 2018 professional development series. Learn more and apply >>

If you have any questions, contact: Hannah Hunthausen, Coordinator of the Center for Religious Wisdom & World Affairs, or (206) 296-6954.