Center for Religious Wisdom & World Affairs Successfully Wraps Up Second Symposium on Homelessness

May 1, 2018

On April 25-27, 2018, the Center for Religious Wisdom & World Affairs hosted its second Symposium on Homelessness. The Center’s cohort of theologians and social scientists gathered at Seattle University to present their research projects.  Topics included: 

  • Coast Salish spiritual practices in the face of homelessness in British Columbia
  • Faith-based initiatives at the Haven for Hope center in San Antonio
  • FBO partnerships, the prison industrial complex and homelessness in Milwaukee
  • Spirituality of homeless persons in Seattle’s Capitol Hill district

The three-day gathering provided an opportunity for scholars to receive feedback from peers, the Center team, and Fordham University Press Editorial Director Richard Morrison, and also enter into conversation with leaders from local faith-based organizations.

Jim Spickard presenting at Center for Religious Wisdom & World Affairs 2018 Symposium on Homelessness, Seattle University

Their research, which will appear in a collected volume edited by Center Director Manuel Mejido and published by Fordham University Press, represents a unique kind of engaged scholarship – one oriented by interdisciplinary curiosity, interreligious concerns, and the role of faith-based organizations in civic life.

In the weeks and months to come, the Center will work closely with its Puget Sound Network and other community partners to leverage this knowledge base in order to inform faith-based work on homelessness and the affordable housing crisis in the Puget Sound region.

Visit the Center webpage for updates.

Center for Religious Wisdom & World Affairs 2018 Symposium on Homelessness (Clockwise from top left) - Jim Spickard, Laura Stivers, Nancy Khalil, Manuel Mejido, Richard Morrison, Maggie Breen, Kelley Dahlman-Oeth, Michael Fisher, Jr., Roberto Mata