Michael R. Fisher, Jr.

Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN

Michael R. Fisher, Jr. is a Ph.D. candidate in Ethics and Society and a Theology and Practice Fellow in the Graduate Department of Religion, as well as a Graduate Teaching Fellow at the Center for Teaching at Vanderbilt University. Michael’s research lies at the intersection of religion, ethics, and urban studies in the United States. His current research analyzes the social, moral, and religious significance of neoliberal urban redevelopment in U.S. cities and its devastating effects on poor, black urban communities. Using Washington, D.C. as a case study, Michael draws on his knowledge and experience as a community organizer, activist, public policy advocate and ordained clergyman to explore what public theology and an ethics of social solidarity bring to a critical analysis of neoliberal urban redevelopment that concretely aims toward the shaping of urban spaces that are more social, inclusive, and democratic. Before coming to Vanderbilt, Michael was the director of advocacy and policy for a local nonprofit organization dedicated to the elimination of chronic homelessness in the nation’s capital.