David Slater, Ph.D.

Sophia University
Tokyo, Japan

David H. Slater is a Professor of Cultural Anthropology and Japanese Studies and the Director of the Institute of Comparative Culture at Sophia University, Tokyo. His recent publications include “3.11 Politics in Disaster Japan: Fear and Anger, Possibility and Hope, Micro-Politics of Radiation,” an edited online collection for Cultural Anthropology (2011); Japan Copes with Calamity (edited volume with Gill Steger (2013); “Young Mothers Looking for a Voice in Post–3.11 Fukushima" in Critical Asian Studies (2014); "SEALDs (Students Emergency Action for Liberal Democracy): Research Note on Contemporary Youth Politics in Japan", The Asia-Pacific Journal (2015), and “Social Media, Information and Political Activism in Japan’s 3.11 Crisis” (2016). He is currently using the oral narrative methods to address the issue of homelessness in Tokyo, documenting recipients, aid providers and activists.