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School of Theology and Ministry

Center for Religious Wisdom & World Affairs

The new Center for Religious Wisdom & World Affairs is devoted to exploring the ways in which religious wisdom and the resources of faith communities can lend assistance in the analysis, diagnosis and community responses needed to address pressing social problems.  The Center’s innovative approach to scholarship, learning and social action has already caught the attention of highly selective philanthropic organizations and private donors in the region and nationwide, including the Henry Luce and Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, Shemanski Testamentary Trust, Seattle Foundation and the Isaac N. Alhadeff Foundation.

Every two years, the Center will focus on a specific social issue, such as, rising inequalities, gender-based violence, human trafficking and unsustainable use of environmental resources.  Building on the School of Theology & Ministry experience with the Faith & Family Homelessness Project, the Center is first focusing on the issue of homelessness.

A commitment to interfaith dialogue: Drawing on the School of Theology and Ministry’s pioneering work in interreligious collaboration, the Center is committed to empowering those religious traditions that have not been able to find a public voice in the United States.  The Center is committed to articulating a public theology that draws, not only on the well-established perspective of Christianity, but also on other faith traditions and spiritualties.

Linking scholarship and faith-based action: The Center offers a unique approach to bringing faith and social action into the very heart of theological education.  It draws from the needs and interests of lived communities of faith, as well as academic curiosity about the religious aspects of world affairs, building bridges and creating synergies among local faith-based communities, the academy and broader society.

Reimagining the role of religion in public life: The Center offers individuals and communities an important set of resources for cultivating a personal vision of the role a socially engaged faith can have in public life.  It contributes to cultivating the tools and language that spiritual or religious individuals can use in the private sector, civil society or government as they strive to contribute to the common good.


Center for Religious Wisdom & World Affairs
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