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School of Theology and Ministry

Student Stories

Here just a few stories from the program's diverse students & alumni:

Many professors at Seattle University's School of Theology and Ministry are so generous and helpful in nurturing my academic thinking. I am grateful to be part of this amazing community!

Nindyo Sasongko, MATS
Current Student

The Master of Arts in Transforming Spirituality program provides an amazing opportunity for both personal & professional growth. The faculty are amazingly gracious guides, highly skilled in the craft of fostering a compassionate and yet challenging learning environment. I will remain forever thankful for the care, compassion & commitment of the school community.

Dannette Allen, MATS
Class of 2010

The ecumenical nature of the school challenged me as a Roman Catholic and deepened my experience as a Christian. Classroom discussions & friendships developed with members of other ecclesial communities gave me a new appreciation for the breadth, depth and diverse beauty of the Body of Christ. At the same time, I came to a new appreciation for the particular riches of my own Roman Catholicism.

John Marquez, MATS
Class of 2008


There's such an intentional effort to honor all perspectives of how people make meaning.

Kathleen Hosfeld, MATS Current Student

My experience of the Master of Arts of Transforming Spirituality was one of the most formative experiences I have ever had! I created new lasting relationships, learned about myself in a new way, and developed skills that will last me for a lifetime of service.

Maria L. Ochoa, MATS Class of 2012