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School of Theology and Ministry

MA in Transforming Spirituality


The Master of Arts in Transforming Spirituality balances a rootedness in the Christian tradition, and the student's specific faith tradition, with an openness to the wisdom of the world's spiritual beliefs and practices.

Unique Components

In a global community that has an increasing sensitivity to spirituality, this degree combines training in relevant and healthy spiritual leadership with a trained sensitivity to the particular context of the other. The degree is holistic and interdisciplinary in method, ecumenical and multicultural in scope, and recognizes the interfaith context of contemporary spirituality. It seeks to address the human and spiritual questions that arise within our 21st century pluralistic society; pays special attention to the distinctive sensibilities that inform spirituality in the Pacific Northwest (a hunger for the Sacred, an appreciation for the natural world, openness to informal ways of belonging to spiritual communities, and a pioneering spirit which seeks a more just and peaceful world), while at the same time taking seriously communal and ecclesial realities that question and challenge the cultural value of individualism.




The Master of Arts in Transforming Spirituality emphasizes:

  • Dynamics of personal and communal transformation
  • Ecological awareness and responsibility
  • Interplay of the arts, creativity and spirituality
  • Experiential dimensions of prayer
  • Engagement with contemporary culture
  • Leadership skills for effective work and ministry
  • Faith that works for justice

What Alumni are Doing

  • Development Director
  • Government, Deputy City Clerk
  • Associate Managing Editor, Human Rights & Welfare
  • Regional Director, Peacebuilding Nonproft
  • Spiritual Direction/Life Coaching
  • President & Lead Consultant, Consulting Firm
  • Director of Educational Program

Faculty Highlights

Click below for profile information on some of the degree's core faculty. For the complete list of core and adjunct faculty, see here!

Michael Reid Trice, PhDValerie Lesniak, PhD

 Degree Options

Studies in Spirituality Specialization: Engage in-depth studies in psycho-spiritual development, diverse themes in spirituality and elective courses that will enhance their vocational and ministerial goals.

Spiritual Direction Specialization: Explore the history of spiritual practice, receive spiritual direction and practice elements of spiritual direction while listening to the faith journeys of others. Admission into this specialization is dependent on demonstrated readiness and in consultation with faculty during the course: STMM 571 The Art of Spiritual Direction.