School of Theology and Ministry
MA in Transformational Leadership

Learning Outcomes

  • Meaning Making

    An understanding of the role and dynamics in human "meaning-making" in framing worldviews, values formation, and varied forms of decision-making. A reflective capacity for analyzing and articulating personal spirituality and "meaning-making" influences and structures and their impact on leadership ideals, goals and methodologies.

    Critical Thinking

    An ability to think critically about the impact and role of religious organizations, spiritual movements and spiritually-inspired insights and worldviews in public discourse, and their impact and role in the development of leadership theory and practice.

    Engaging Reflective Discussion

    The engagement of others in reflective discussion on the structures of meaning defining their lives and the organizations and culture(s) in which they live, particularly using concepts and langauges in multiple intelligences, and a variety of learning and leadership theories.

    Spiritual Leadership

    Leading from a posture of articulated spiritual depth that is consistent with one's personally-defined values, as well as the values of one's workplace organization.

    Transformational Leadership

    The ability to lead groups through processes of transformation and change.

    Public Speaking Development

    Development of the capacity to speak publicly with ease and clarity, as well as writing appropriately to serve a variety of audiences.


    Official MATL Learning Outcomes